25 Nov 2022
Welcome to this example of a birth gift list. Make your gift list personal by adding a baby photo and a background photo. You can write a welcome word in this text block. This example is a birth gift list for Noa. You choose your own gifts, pluQ helps with gift suggestions. Guests can congratulate you and wish you lot’s of fun with the gift and do so by adding a message on the gift list page. Moreover, they receive a gift voucher, which they can give to you.
Have fun making the gift list! Love from pluQ

(Example text) Welcome to this world dear Noa!

We are very happy with the birth of Noa and we are giving a party on December 15. Thank you for coming.

Love from the parents


€ 10
€ 50 target, 0% donated

Plate and cutlery Noa

100% donated
€ 50 target, 100% donated

Reading book

The best book of animal adventures
€ 10
€ 20 target, 0% donated

Weekend in the country for the parents

Just for some relaxation after this busy period
€ 50
€ 450 target, 22% donated

Sleeping bag for Noa

€ 25
€ 50 target, 0% donated

Wooden toys

€ 10
€ 50 target, 20% donated

For on the road: a diaper set

€ 25
€ 30 target, 0% donated

Subscription to the Zoo

€ 10
€ 70 target, 28% donated

High chair

This one really matches the kitchen table
€ 50
€ 450 target, 0% donated


€ 25
€ 25 target, 0% donated

Joyce and Kevin

18 November 2019

Congrats with Noa. Lot’s of love Grandma and Granddad

Puck & Hans

18 December 2019

We think its great to grow up with animals, That’s why you get this subscription for the zoo. Puck & Hans

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