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We read about pluQ in a wedding magazine and thought it would be great for our honeymoon. The website is easy to use for us and the guests. We had great contact with Marion. She really thought along with us and the amount raised was neatly received as agreed in advance. We recommend pluQ to everyone!
Thomas & Tamara
30 03 2024
Easy to use website. Ideal for not having to hassle with cash. The website looks good, and the handling has been smooth and fast. Definitely recommended
Kay &Yvonne;
10 10 2023
As master of ceremonies, I was asked to create a website with the honeymoon in parts as gifts voor the wedding couple. Through PluQ this was super easy and I could set up a personal site. Buying a gift is also very simple; and pay immediately with iDEAL! I enjoyed doing it, the bridal couple was happy with the result and the guests found it very original.
28 09 2023
Super initiative and much more fun than asking for an envelope. Very nice that photos can be added and that everyone gets a good idea of what is given. The contact by e-mail is also very personal, we are very satisfied!
28 09 2023
Very convenient way to ask for and receive gifts, especially for experiences (e.g. honeymoon in our case). Website worked fine, a little more personalization of the page would have been nice
06 09 2023
It's a very creative way to ask our guests for gifts. adhered to the money delivery times and also has a very good organization in managing the website and the agreed times. We are very grateful for using your services. Suggestion: Make as many gifts as possible and of different prices, so that your guests have a lot of choice
Patty & Bas
25 07 2023
Super easy site where guests can leave an amount in an original and easy way. How nice is it that guests can specifically choose an activity / moment!?
Marjolijn en Coen
25 07 2023
It was easy to create a page and easy for the invitees to use. The communication with pluQ, when needed, was great
05 07 2023
Super easy website to make your own gift list, flexible to set up. Easy to use for people to transfer something digitally, with the idea that guests really contribute to a certain gift, but you can ultimately keep flexibility yourself. We heard from feedback that it was easy to use. It would be nice if contributions were not necessarily in fixed sub-amounts (€10, €25, €50), but that it was a bit more flexible for the guests.
04 07 2023
I am very happy with the opportunity we had to use the pluQ gift list. It's nice to let the wedding guests look around here instead of having to bring money. And this way you can also give it some creativity! pluQ was also very flexible with the postponement options during the corona time. The list has certainly been put to good use and a nice honeymoon has been collected.
04 07 2023
Super easy site and fun to make the pluQ gift list all the way to your like!
B & L
08 05 2023
Have used pluQ gift lists for a surprise birthday party. Really super successful, especially because you can fill in the page completely to your own taste. Also very nice that the guests can choose something themselves or just get personal gift ideas through the site. We posted funny photos of the birthday boy, which only made the common secret even more fun. It is also really cool that the birthday boy can read everything at his leisure afterwards.
Emma & Maurice
01 05 2023
Super fun way to ask for money for your wedding with the pluQ gift list, in our case to let them pay for our dream trip. Our guests loved being included in our planned adventures in this way. They felt a bit like joining us!
24 04 2023
Wonderfully easy gift list with lots of great suggestions.
11 04 2023
Super fun and intuitive site! Many guests really enjoyed being able to "really" contribute something that they themselves supported. Can't wait to share the photos when I actually do the experiences! For me it was not a wedding but a farewell party for emigration, really great to use this for that or other fun moments!
30 01 2023
When we were looking for an original gift idea for our wedding, we came across PluQ. How wonderful it is that people can give you picks from your honeymoon as a gift! Our marriage was moved several times and PluQ moved to a new website. All this was no problem, our gift list was transferred to the new website without any problems and in the end all our guests were able to give us gifts. The site works very well and pluQ offers good support during the entire process. We've also had a lot of feedback from guests who think this is such an original idea for gifts. Highly recommended!
07 10 2022
Thank you! What a great site! As master of ceremonies I had made this online gift list for the bridal couple. Because they just got a new house, the gifts were divided into contributions for the garden and for a mini honeymoon. The couple and the guests were very happy with it and the tips from pluQ were very valuable.
23 09 2022
Nice way to receive money as a gift. User-friendly website. A point for improvement is to improve ease of use on smartphones, the site can be used particularly well on a PC/laptop.
17 09 2022
We have used the pluQ website as a gift site for our honeymoon. We split the trip into parts for our guests to give us as gifts. It takes a while to make, but it's totally worth it. Our guests thought it was a great alternative to the envelope. Communication with pluQ was quick and pleasant. We recommend this website to everyone.
Camiel & Lai
11 09 2022
Super handy site where you can easily make the gift list. We had divided our honeymoon into steps and guests could give a part as a gift. Through the plural of 10 and 25, people could decide for themselves how much they gave and whether it was divided over 1 part or more. We have had a lot of nice reactions from guests. And those who do not have much with this still give an envelope. Payment of the gift list via pluQ went smoothly and fairly! In short; highly recommended.
28 08 2022
Super easy! And the Tuesday after the party a neat and informative message with the result and the money automatically deposited. Extremely user-friendly
Gerard and Dinah
03 08 2022
Marion from pluQ knows what customer service is! Every question or comment was answered within 30 minutes! When we had to move our honeymoon due to covid, the people of pluQ immediately paid out the already deposited donations and adjusted our date free of charge. After the actual marriage, all donations were deposited without error on the next Tuesday after the party and we only had to pay the administration fee once, which shows that these people are committed to customer satisfaction! Our guests were also very enthusiastic about our personal pluQ website with all parts of our honeymoon. In terms of use of the website, we were somewhat equal: 50% of the guests donated money via pluQ, the other 50% via our direct account number. (Earlier the older generation) pluQ is an absolute must in our opinion! Matthias & Michiel
Matthias & Michiel
27 06 2022
Thx pluQ! it was very nice to ask our wedding gifts in this way. We will definitely recommend pluQ!
Karla & Victor
14 06 2022
Thank you for your services via pluQ, we have received many nice comments about the gift list from our guests.
13 06 2022
pluQ has a nice website and is easy to use. It was recommended to me by a friend who used it for her wedding. Although it is mainly aimed for parties (wedding) I have used it myself for a good cause. That's just as fun. I have experienced the personal contact via e-mail as very pleasant.
Alpe d'Huzes
10 06 2022
Good experience! Very nice that there is a fixed price for the service and that this is not a percentage of the total amount received as it is with other sites. We would have liked it if guests could choose an amount themselves instead of choosing between (a multiply of) 10, 25 or 50 euros. Everything else was great!
Sophie en PieterBas
10 06 2022
Super happy with the pluQ gift list. We had a lot of fun making the gifts (gifts for the honeymoon) and the guests thought it was great to contribute to the trip. Contact with pluQ was nice. And we received a clear overview of the gifts so we could thank everyone.
10 05 2022
We have had a lot of lovely comments from our guests on the gift list:fe they could see exactly what they were going contribute to and already enjoy a little bit of our honeymoon. We are also very satisfied with all of pluQ's communication.
Carolien en Wesley
11 02 2022
pluQ is very user-friendly, you can see at a glance how your list is doing. The communication from pluQ, regarding the payment, is also very clear and on time! Very nice, this provides security. In addition, our guests indicated that they found the pluQ list very original and fun, because they can see on what they spend the gift money! We also thought the voucher was a very nice addition, so people don't arrive empty-handed.
28 01 2022
Very nice website with easy interface. The contact with pluQ was also great, they were very interested and customer-friendly. Really recommended!
Anna & Bas
30 12 2021
Clear website, personal preferences easy to apply
11 12 2021
pluQ gift lists is a beautiful, easy website that is very suitable for digital gift lists!
12 11 2021
Very good service from the organization pluQ, guests found it easy and fun to contribute and we really liked that you can see who and what everyone has given,in this way it is so easy to thank everybody for their gift. And great fun to read all the messages on the gift vouchers 😊
09 11 2021
I used the pluQ gift list for my promotion and it worked great!
04 11 2021
Super positive experience! There were some small kinks along the way, but thanks to very adequate and quick help, everything was resolved in a professional manner. We are very satisfied and our guests were very positive about the site! It worked well and looked nice! I would definitely recommend it!
Jelle and Laurien
04 10 2021
Great, really the best alternative to the envelope!
Noah & Tessa
01 10 2021
With pluQ you can create a very personal gift list where people can easily make a contribution. You can personalize all gifts. We received compliments from our guests about this fun way of giving money as a gift, because people can now really make a targeted contribution to, for example, our honeymoon. So much nicer than an envelope!
Fenna & Jeroen
16 09 2021
Good service and pleasant contact with pluQ. We had some questions and were helped quickly and well. Thanks for this!
12 08 2021
pluQ is very easy to use. You can organize your 'page' as you wish. When we had a question, we received an extensive and helpful response from Marion within a day, and we received some extra tips. Our guests also found the page very useful: a safe and also a fun way to give a gift. All in all a very good experience with pluQ!
04 07 2021
Easy to make, costs are not too high, and the conditions etc also good (compared to others). You can do all kinds of things with the gift list, so that's fun. And it's great that you can see afterwards who contributed to what!
Anna & Rens
01 06 2021
Easy to personalize website, enthusiastic reactions from wedding guests to contribute (useful) to our trip and most importantly: reliable. Clear communication, fast and personal. It is always a question of whether a site (and the people behind it) does what it promises. And that was the case with pluQ. All in all very happy with it and this contributed to an unforgettable wedding day and it also made a considerable contribution to our (honeymoon) trip!
Anne & Jasper
14 05 2021
Happy we used the pluQ gift list. The guests enjoyed giving such a present and it was great to read all the messages they had written. Due to Corona, not everyone could attend the day and the messages are appreciated extra.
10 05 2021
A really great tool to put together your gift list in an original way.
Mieke & Noah
26 04 2021
Very nice alternative to the envelope. We have a lot family and friends abroad and this online gift list was perfect. Easy to pay with creditcard and bancontact. We wanted to ask for our honeymoon as a present and have now asked, due to Covid-19, gifts for the house and a holiday week for the future. We had some questions and support from pluQ was great.
Jeroen & Pascal
30 03 2021
Very happy with pluQ. Because of Covid-19 we have shifted our wedding day twice and Marion from pluQ helped us tremendously. Our gift list could remain online and we have adjusted the gifts ourselves and added new gifts. There were no extra charges and gift givers who had questions received excellent assistance. We will certainly use pluQ gift lists again for the next occasion.
10 02 2021
Very nice way to put together your honeymoon and ask your friends and family for your experiences as a gift. We were very satisfied with our site, it looked very nice with the photos of our choice and self-invented activities. The site is very easy to use and our guests have responded enthusiastically and liked to give a part of our honeymoon as a present instead of an envelope.
Joyce & Patrick
16 10 2020
Great wedding registry to use in the Netherlands! Easy to use, fair fees and great customer support. Our guests enjoyed giving a bit more meaning to gifting money. I totally recommend it!
26 09 2020
Very nice concept! Nice to read the messages on the vouchers on our personal dashboard (not everyone had given the voucher on the weddingday). We had chosen not to buy off the transaction costs for the gift givers, because we found this a bit pricey. We got very enthusiastic reactions from the guests to the gift list!
12 09 2020
Due to corona we had to reschedule our wedding and Marion from pluQ was incredibly helpful and no extra charge was made. It was a lot of fun to make the gift list (instead of the honeymoon, we have now asked for things for the garden 😊) and guests said that they liked giving a present in this way much more than an envelope.
Noah and Martine
15 07 2020
Super nice way to request a contribution to your honeymoon. And many guests indicated that they also really enjoyed giving such a present. Site is easy to create and contact with pluQ is very pleasant. So highly recommended!
27 06 2020
A fantastic way to request gifts for your wedding or other party! And we got many nice compliments from the guests. The site works very well, looks professional and reliable. Marion responds quickly and adequately to questions. Top!
Marije and Stefan
06 03 2020
Just before corona I celebrated my promotion and made a gift list at pluQ. Nice to think of the gifts one like to get and look for photos to add to the gifts. Had many positive reactions and the 'dashboard' had a nice overview of the gifts given. Top!
05 03 2020
Nice, well designed website, easy to use, pleasurable communication with pluQ, clear overviews
Lotte and Glenn
16 12 2019
We made a gift list with gifts for our honeymoon and other gifts as well. We have had a lot of fun compiling the list. And it is an unique way for us to request gifts / experiences and for guests to give something. We can 'take along' in our planned adventure and they feel they are contributing to the trip. PluQ was also by far the nicest format compared to other providers. We love the visuals and design.
BJ & A
08 12 2019
Very user-friendly and much more fun for the giver instead of an envelope! We have sent the givers a photo of the experience with a thank you. Marion from pluQ is super fast with responding!
Maike & Dirk
23 11 2019
Super website, well-arranged and a fun way to ask for money! It is a only pity that one is not flexible with the amounts of money for giving (only per 10, 25 or 50).
Manon & Léon
13 11 2019
We are very pleased that we have used the pluQ website. Making the list took some effort, but in the end it looks very nice and slick. And we received many compliments from guests. The payment is correct and with a nice overview.
Vincent and Maartje
13 11 2019
Easy to work with, clear and very nice that you can pay with ideal
Lieve & Davey
12 11 2019
The personalized site just looks super nice!
Paul & Tessa
02 11 2019
Ideal to use as an alternative to "the envelope". With pluQ you can be very creative with all the options, which makes it more fun for guests to contribute.
Christiane and Bart
01 11 2019
The pluQ gift list is very handy and user-friendly
F and H
21 10 2019