Noa en Mark
19 Dec 2022
Welcome to this example of your own gift list page for your wedding. Make this page personal by adding a photo of you and a background photo. In this text block you can write a welcome word to the guests. This example is the wedding of Noa and Mark, they go honeymooning in South Africa. You choose your own gifts, pluQ helps with gift suggestions. Guests can congratulate you and / or wish you a lot of fun with the gift and do so by adding a message on the gift list. Moreover, they receive a voucher that they can give to you.
Have fun making the gift list! Love from pluQ

(Example text)
On December 19 we are getting married and we love to celebrate this day with you. Great you are coming, that is the most beautiful gift for us. Do you still want to contribute something? Then you will find a number of gifts below. We leave for South Africa after the wedding and have divided the trip in gifts. And we think it’s super if you leave a message on this page.
XXXXXXX Noa & Mark


Give € 50
€ 1.500 target, 0% donated

2 nights in luxury lodge Constantia

Give € 50
€ 450 target, 0% donated

Lonely planet

Give € 10
€ 30 target, 66% donated

Diner at the beach

Give € 25
€ 75 target, 0% donated

3 days safari Addo National Park

Give € 25
€ 250 target, 0% donated

massage For Noa

100% donated
€ 50 target, 100% donated

8 days rental car

Give € 50
€ 300 target, 0% donated

champagne in the planeg

100% donated
€ 25 target, 100% donated

E-reader for Noa

Give € 25
€ 150 target, 0% donated

Diving with sharks in Hermanus

Give € 25
€ 125 target, 20% donated

Bike rental Stellenbosch

Give € 10
€ 30 target, 0% donated


27 November 2020

Dear Noa and Mark, we wish you a lifelong happiness and a fantastic honeymoon, Love Kiki

Support department

3 November 2020

Enjoy South Africa and be aware of sharks!.The colleagues

Anna & Jake

13 Oktober 2020

Congrats!!! We love to come to your party. Xxxx Anna & Jake

Megan Griffith

29 October 2020

So happy you are going to marry and travelling to South Africa. Can I join you? Your niece Megan

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