Money, money, money

11 Oct 2022

Money, money, money

pluQcadeaulijsten is the ideal gift list tool for the wedding, honeymoon, childbirth or a party and the most fun alternative for the envelope. Create your personalised gift list quickly and easy.

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You use the online pluQ gift lists for your wedding, birthday, party or birth of your child. The list with the self-selected gifts looks beautiful and the gift givers select a nice present from your list. How does it work with the payments? You want to be sure that the gift money that’s given, actually ends up with you. That is why we at pluQ work with Mollie for the payments. Mollie is one of the largest payment processors in the Netherlands.

The gift givers select a nice gift or gifts that they would like to give. It is also possible to make a contribution to a more expensive gift. You pay with ideal, bancontact or one of the credit cards. This payment is made through Mollies secure payment environment. and they deposit the giftmoney given into an independent pluQ trust account, where the gift money is labeled with the specific gift list. pluQ has been approved by the Dutch Bank. and in the unlikely event that something happens to pluQ, the gift money will always be available to the creators of the gift lists.