Good news: pluQ online wedding gift lists is now extended with a gift list for celebrating the childbirth and a gift list for parties and anniversaries

06 Mar 2020


pluQcadeaulijsten is the ideal gift list tool for the wedding, honeymoon, childbirth or a party and the most fun alternative for the envelope. Create your personalised gift list quickly and easy.

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Good news: pluQ gift list for your wedding, the ideal gift list for the honeymoon and the best alternative to the envelope has been expanded! pluQ has been leading in online wedding gift lists for years. Now there is also a super nice gift list to celebrate the birth of a child and a gift list for when there is a party, anniversary or promotion. You ask for the gifts, events that you would like to have and that are fun to give. you receive the gift money and you can start to fill in your dreams yourself. Look at