Why use an online gift list?

21 Jun 2022

Why use an online gift list?

pluQcadeaulijsten is the ideal gift list tool for the wedding, honeymoon, childbirth or a party and the most fun alternative for the envelope. Create your personalised gift list quickly and easy.

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A piece of history:

It has long been common practice for weddings to use a wedding gift registry. In the beginning, the wedding couple would pick out gifts in a store and put the gift list there so that guests could choose a present and the store would deliver all the gifts given after the wedding. An important reason for the gift list was that the bridal couple saved the set-up in this way. Often people married from their parental home and many household and interior items were desired. Over the years it became more and more common that people already lived together before the marriage, which meant that there was less need for all kinds of household items: they actually had all of them and so the desire arose to ask for money as a gift and the invitation came up. the well-known envelope. In this way, the bridal couple can decide for themselves what to do with the gift money received. For example, it was used to pay for (part of) the wedding or for the honeymoon. But actually, asking and giving money is not fun at all. It feels a bit embarrassing to ask and you would rather give a ‘real’ gift.


The gift list is here to stay at weddings: it is a tradition that people give gifts at a wedding. This days, much more use is made of online gift lists. With pluQ gift lists, bridal couples compose their own gift list, divide the gifts into amounts of € 10, € 25 and € 50, so that they can also contribute to more expensive gifts such as airline tickets, a complete garden set or a work of art. After the wedding they receive the gift money and the bridal couple can purchase the gifts themselves. This makes it fun for guests to choose a nice gift and the bridal couple will receive what they want!