An online gift list is fun!

22 Oct 2020


pluQcadeaulijsten is the ideal gift list tool for the wedding, honeymoon, childbirth or a party and the most fun alternative for the envelope. Create your personalised gift list quickly and easy.

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When one receives an invitation to a birth party, wedding, party or promotion, there is sometimes a reference to an online gift list. The use of online gift lists has increased significantly in recent years. However, we sometimes notice some hesitation among the gift givers to use it. Remarks such as: it is more fun to choose a present yourself and to be able to really surprise or one dislike that one can only choose from the gifts that are on the online gift list. Then it is important to realize that they have compiled the list themselves and ask for precisely those gifts that they really want, and you also avoid giving something that they already have or that they are not interested in. How nice is it to give something that you are sure that people really want!