How can a master of ceremonies help you?

23 Feb 2022

How can a master of ceremonies help you?

pluQcadeaulijsten is the ideal gift list tool for the wedding, honeymoon, childbirth or a party and the most fun alternative for the envelope. Create your personalised gift list quickly and easy.

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Your wedding day is for sure one of the best days of your life. Of course it takes a lot of preparation and there is also a lot to think about, such as finding the location and the perfect rings. There are also quite a few practical matters that pass in review, such as the table setting and decoration. A master of ceremonies is therefore often asked to help with the organization of the wedding. And we at pluQ are happy to help with one specific part: the gift list. An original way to give money as a gift for your wedding.

Original way for asking for money as wedding gift

Research shows that bridal couples prefer to ask for money, the so-called envelope, so that they can decide for themselves what they spend the money on. The money received is often used for the honeymoon. The pluQ gift list is the nicest alternative to the envelope because you make your own personal gift list for your wedding with gifts from your honeymoon or other nice gifts, such as a dinner on the beach, the cocktail, a special overnight stay, garden items, beautiful cookery, a artwork. Gift givers choose a nice gift and you receive the gift money. Also for your guests this is much more fun than giving an envelope with money!

Gift registry for the wedding and master of ceremonies

Sometimes it feels a bit awkward to indicate that there is a gift list. while you help the wedding guests, because they also like to give something that you want. The master of ceremonies can help you with this. Usually there is contact between the master of ceremonies and the guests and this is a natural moment to include a message to the wedding guests that there is a gift list stating the direct link. In this way, the bridal couple is not burdened with this and giving and receiving gift money is completely fun! The invitation can also include the gift tip with the link to your gift list.