The best tips for your summer wedding

03 Dec 2019

The best tips for your summer wedding

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What a party this summer. And how beautiful it is to marry this beautiful weather. In this season a lot is married outside. Romantic in a garden or festival-like on the beach. A super relaxed atmosphere. What are the tips if you marry these tropical temperatures?

The clothing: it was bought long before the big day. And that is what you do on your wedding day. If it is really summer weather, it is nice that there is an extra shirt for the groom and if, moreover, the groom and guests wear a suit, it is easy to realize that guests often wait until the groom takes off his jacket before they do the same. So don’t wait too long! Tip for the bride: a few extra (one size larger) shoes. Also make sure you have a refreshment package nearby (pay attention to masters of ceremony) with deodorant, water spray, makeup, freshening wipes, bottles of water, smints.

Location: The wedding location is perhaps the first thing you have booked. If it is clear that the weather will be really hot, it is wise to agree with the location if the wedding can go outside (if you want to of course) and the extra wishes for the hot day. Maybe there is also a room where you can freshen up in between? And then shadow, shadow, shadow! Discuss the possibilities for sufficient shade, ask for (much) more extra water. Place beautiful jugs with water in many places and vary with different flavors: mint lemon, mint watermelon, cucumber etc. And if you have a bridal bouquet: see if it can be cool and possibly in water.

Menu: The menu has of course already been discussed in advance. Is this the perfect summer menu or do you want to add some more summer elements? Ask the person who provides the dishes to think with you.

Photos: The light in the summer is different than in the other seasons and certainly with a lot of sun, there is sharp light which sometimes makes it more difficult for the photos. Now photographers all have tools and tricks so they can take pictures all day long. The best light is in the early morning and late afternoon so if possible, then do your photo shoot. And pay attention to sun / shade. Such a shame when you are in the shade and you are almost invisible!

Gift List: This is already made and the weather has no influence on it. Delicious doing nothing at all.smiley

Don’t forget: Enjoy every minute of this day super !! This is the beginning of the rest of your life.

Dear, summer greetings from pluQ