pluQ is the ideal gift list tool for your wedding, childbirth or party. And the nicest alternative to the envelope. Create your personalised gift list quickly and easy and ask money in an original way.

Why a pluQ gift list?

Bye bye

To ask for money as a wedding gift, for the childbirth or for a party is a little embarrassing, but is it what many people the most like to get. Therefore create a personal gift list and ask money in an original way.

In an instant

At pluQ you make simple and fast a personal gift list. Add your own gifts. Enter the total amount and the instalments in which you would like to receive the gift amount (€10, €25 of €50). Simply add an attractive photograph and the gift is ready

Guaranteed safe

Your gift money is safe on a bank account of pluQ. The first Tuesday after your party the gift money will be deposited into your bank account number. And the administration costs will be settled when the gift payment is transferred. And of course pluQ uses a secure internet connection.


You have your own personal dashboard where you can add gifts to the gift list and you have a real-time overview of all given gifts with names and the giftmoney. And all the gift givers receive a nice voucher that can be given at the party.

How does the pluQ gift list work?

In 4 easy steps to your gifts

Create your own gift list

Create a personalised gift list in just a few minutes. You can even add your own gifts and/or select gift suggestions on the pluQ website. Complete your personalised page with a photograph and a welcome message. The most original way to ask for money!

Share your gift list

Sharing could not be easier.Put the gift list online and place the unique link to the gift list on your invitation, your own website or email the link to your guests. One pay an administration fee of € 49,95 when activating the gift list. This fee will be settled when the gift payment is transferred.

Crowdfund your gifts

Invite the guests to contribute towards your gift list! The easy payment options we offer are iDeal, Bancontact or Credit Card. And you will receive a gift voucher as a reminder.

Enjoy all the gifts

Buy, order all the gifts and enjoy!


Very convenient way to ask for and receive gifts, especially for experiences (e.g. honeymoon in our case). Website worked fine, a little more personalization of the page would have been nice
06 09 2023
It's a very creative way to ask our guests for gifts. adhered to the money delivery times and also has a very good organization in managing the website and the agreed times. We are very grateful for using your services. Suggestion: Make as many gifts as possible and of different prices, so that your guests have a lot of choice
Patty & Bas
25 07 2023
Super easy site where guests can leave an amount in an original and easy way. How nice is it that guests can specifically choose an activity / moment!?
Marjolijn en Coen
25 07 2023
It was easy to create a page and easy for the invitees to use. The communication with pluQ, when needed, was great
05 07 2023
Super easy website to make your own gift list, flexible to set up. Easy to use for people to transfer something digitally, with the idea that guests really contribute to a certain gift, but you can ultimately keep flexibility yourself. We heard from feedback that it was easy to use. It would be nice if contributions were not necessarily in fixed sub-amounts (€10, €25, €50), but that it was a bit more flexible for the guests.
04 07 2023
I am very happy with the opportunity we had to use the pluQ gift list. It's nice to let the wedding guests look around here instead of having to bring money. And this way you can also give it some creativity! pluQ was also very flexible with the postponement options during the corona time. The list has certainly been put to good use and a nice honeymoon has been collected.
04 07 2023

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